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Take A Page From The Twitter Playbook

Twitter updated its homepage.

By itself that’s not exciting.  They tweaked it last summer but it didn’t really lure new users.  This time it does a better job of explaining what Twitter is and why it’s valuable.

Why in the world would a company that has 8,000,000 registered users continually make changes?  Because they understand that massive growth brings its own set of problems.  That upward growth doesn’t last.  That the next new big thing is right around the corner.

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to do when your company is small.  It’s usually mandatory. We try something, evaluate, tweak, try again.  It’s when your company takes off that just keeping your head above water is the goal.  Busyness can overtake importance in everyday to-do lists.

When was the last time you looked at how you targeted potential clients or upgraded your website?  Does your logo need freshening up? Do the first 450 characters of the home page content actually contain the keywords that describe your site?

It’s a good reminder.  You know what I’ll be doing today.


If You Lie About One Thing I Won’t Believe Anything Else

I was introduced today to a man by a friend who told me he did data information systems.  That’s neat and boy is there a need for it.  I agreed we should talk sometime.  They left my office and almost immediately the man came back in.  He had not understood that I had my own company.  He thought I was my friend’s employee.  We laughed and I explained I spend most of my time optimizing online activities to drive traffic to client websites.

Then the most amazing thing happened. He gave me his card.  Not only did he do information systems he developed ecommerce websites, provided SEO, developed PPC campaigns, was a social media expert, SQL databases, etc.  There had to be ten to fifteen things on the back of that card.

“Oh, you do SEO, too?” I said.  “Not really” he replied with a small smile.   We chatted a few more minutes and he insisted we meet – there were opportunities to work together.

I’m not going to hold my breath.  He already proved he doesn’t tell the truth.

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When You're A Hammer Everything's A Nail!

When planning for January and the rest of 2010 I had to really think.  Google says it’s trying to get rid of SEOs and that’s my hammer.

Here’s the thing…

I love what I do. Helping business owners use the exact right words to position their online activities and attract new customers they could not have found otherwise? Empowering businesses to use the internet for sales and marketing instead of just using search to find other people’s stuff?  There is no better feeling in the world! At least not for me.

Should I “re-invent” myself?  Honestly I would like to just continue to be.  But that’s not the world I chose.  Seventy percent of all current workers are in no growth jobs (that means no wage growth either) so staying the same really means going backwards.  Doesn’t sound like much of a plan for me.  I prefer the chaotic, never stops changing, mad world of the web.  So I guess I’ll take a deep breath instead of a breather.

My current nail is invisible websites.  What else can I use my hammer for?  Don’t know yet but one thing is for sure.  The world is not going to slow down just to let me figure it out.

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