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Meet the Firehose Seven Thousand Times Bigger Than Twitter’s

Just to be clear “This is not about spying on you.”


University Bans Social Media for a Week

Interesting experiment but SoMe can be accessed using mobile devices. I’ll look forward to learning how many students were really affected!

In The Land Of The Blind The One-Eyed (Wo)Man Is King!

One of the downsides of the exponential growth of information is that it’s hard to know who to trust.

Most people go through the five stages of grief when they have to deal with information they don’t really want.

  1. I don’t need to go on Facebook.  I don’t want to read what someone ate for breakfast on Twitter. Who would hire somebody just by looking at LinkedIn?
  2. I don’t have time for this!
  3. I’ll try it but I’m going to hold on to my Yellow Pages ad.
  4. This is the only way to get new customers and I don’t know how to manage all the time and money this is going to cost.
  5. Okay. I’m getting on board.

The most dangerous step for businesses is Step 3.  You’re not really committed.

When you don’t know what you don’t know all advice sounds good.  So it’s not a hard decision to throw money at the first person you meet who says s/he is an expert, guru, consultant.

Often what happens is that you immediately head back to Stage #1. Stage #2 hits you a lot harder when your scarce resources have returned nothing.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king!  Don’t agree to anything you don’t understand unless you actually have two eyes open.

Connectile Dysfunction

I’ve discovered a new malady.  One that seems to cross socio-economic, age and gender lines.  One that is openly discussed during meetings about social media.  One that creates an instant bond with other sufferers.  One that is kept under the radar during family time or socializing.

It’s called connectile dysfunction.

There are two forms.  And neither is better than the other.

The first form is easily diagnosed.  It’s the person who seemingly cannot detach from his/her virtual connections for any reason.  You see them on the street, in restaurants and at their children’s recitals.  Arrival at every venue is worth mentioning on Foursquare.  No email can remain unopened because it could contain a link to…well, who knows unless you look!  People who previously scoffed at gamers have become farmers and Mafia members on Facebook.  They are the ones who forced human resource departments to develop social media policies so actual work gets done during work hours.

The second form is not so easily recognized.  These people refuse to get connected.  While this isn’t much of an issue on an individual basis it can create real problems for businesses run by affected owners and managers.  Customers now expect they will find what they need and want online even if they go offline to actually buy it.  Companies that refuse to meet their customers where they are will eventually go out of business even if their Yellow Pages ad is paid through the rest of the year.

I’m sure people don’t see it in themselves. If they could would they spend time online every day even Sunday?


The Disposable Laptop

I just spent two weeks without my laptop.  I didn’t realize I would be without it so long but after I did everything I knew I took it to the repair place I normally go.  They were three to four business days out just for diagnostics.

Oh. My. God.  I nearly fainted when I found out the cost.

Not because I had to replace the operating system.  Not because I was ambivalent about needing my documents and photos (yes I had backed them up to Carbonite a couple days before it went down – okay I thought I did but no). Not because I am against companies making a profit.

I nearly fainted because for another $100 I could have purchased a new one…every day of the week.

Could I have purchased the top of the line? No. But if I had to start over – and I pretty much did – then what was the point of keeping the old one?  Was I better off getting a newer, faster model?

I pulled up my big girl panties and paid for the repair.  I still love my computer.

The store owner told me within five short years computers will be disposable.  I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long.

Social media has offered up a ton of places online to keep photos, videos, powerpoints, documents.  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Slideshare.  And mobile?  It’s already crazy out of control and we may not need laptops period.

Even for someone who loves the chaotic, messy, almost instantly obsolete world that is the internet that feels insane!

Take A Page From The Twitter Playbook

Twitter updated its homepage.

By itself that’s not exciting.  They tweaked it last summer but it didn’t really lure new users.  This time it does a better job of explaining what Twitter is and why it’s valuable.

Why in the world would a company that has 8,000,000 registered users continually make changes?  Because they understand that massive growth brings its own set of problems.  That upward growth doesn’t last.  That the next new big thing is right around the corner.

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to do when your company is small.  It’s usually mandatory. We try something, evaluate, tweak, try again.  It’s when your company takes off that just keeping your head above water is the goal.  Busyness can overtake importance in everyday to-do lists.

When was the last time you looked at how you targeted potential clients or upgraded your website?  Does your logo need freshening up? Do the first 450 characters of the home page content actually contain the keywords that describe your site?

It’s a good reminder.  You know what I’ll be doing today.

Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma My Persona

I recently was having lunch with a group of talented, experienced social media pros.  We began to talk about having different personas on Twitter. Lots of people do because they may represent companies or brands as well as themselves.  I have two. One I use all the time. One I use primarily for experimentation of tweets or how many followers can I get in a month – stuff I’m curious about but don’t want to necessarily use for regular engagement.

How many is too many?  How and when do we switch from one to another and is it too problematic when we aren’t actually visible?

Today I was sitting at my computer being an SEO consultant.  My phone rang and with one look I changed into a mother.  A few minutes later the building manager came in to thank me for referring someone to her and then I was a tenant. We all have a hundred different roles we play. In the next few hours I will be a Board President, a sister, a wife, a Tweeter, a friend on Facebook and that’s just what I know about right now.

Here’s the thing.  Even in all those different roles I try to have the same core persona.  I’m blunt. I want the best for whomever I’m dealing with. I have a strong sense of personal ethics. I am a fanatic for learning.  I may have to soften up one area or toughen up another depending on the role I’m playing but no one ever has to worry that I’m not being myself.

Can that be done online?  I don’t know.  If I decide to have a persona strictly for my business say @successtrafficker will I really be offering anything different than just sticking with @victoriakamm?  Isn’t that the lesson we’re supposed to be taking from social media – that we are our businesses?

Too many questions and not enough answers.  I’m looking forward to your opinions!

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Time Flies Even When You’re Not Having Fun

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I posted here. I have another blog I contribute to and a website that I update like a blog.  Not an excuse, just an explanation.

There has been a lot going on in the internet marketing world.  Google Buzz has come out before most have caught on to Google Wave and it has changed every day as privacy issues were discussed everywhere – literally.

Facebook users have set up a group that claims its members will quit if there’s a fee associated.

Traditional news media source New York Times had an article on an entirely different way Google is helping SBOs use paid advertising on maps.

NBC was all a twitter (pun intended) because it didn’t know how to balance the delay of Olympics contests for prime time with the social media quickness of noting who won.

Kevin Smith made sure everyone knew he and Southwest Airlines were not a good fit.  SWA responded with an apology and $100 but it wasn’t a big enough effort. (Yeah, another pun. I’m on a roll.)

You’ll only find 15% of journalists admit SoMe is important but 89% use it to source stories.

So much has happened in the last three weeks.  Try to keep up with it. It’s amusing, interesting and, truth be told, a welcome respite from the sometimes not so fun real world.

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You Need A Box

At least a million times in my life I have told myself or someone else to think outside the box. Stop being so rigid. Break down the barriers.

Now I have to smack myself on the forehead. What if you don’t have a box?

I have been thinking about it ever since I heard Mark LeBlanc speak at a conference last week. Did I have a box, a structure that provided the comfort of knowing what needed to get done and when?  Or do I sort of plan in my head what will go on any given day or time you know without actually writing them down.

I know plenty of business owners that are doing okay. Their vendors are happy. So are there customers. Should they keep doing what they’re doing or should they tighten up a little bit.  How does one define success for another? At what point do you ask them about the structure of their companies and the value of having it or not?

The best place to start of course is with myself.  I set up the Coffee Cup in my Firefox browser to I can decide what has to be done per day and everyday.  First thing in the morning I start going through my list. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s more than two.  The point is that I check in on all the places that make a difference for my company: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, my bank, three blogs and lots and lots of news. I like to know what’s going on in the internet world so I can pass it along to my clients.

We do the accounting every Friday morning. I use mostly online banking and avoid receivables like the plague but it does happen so I try to get everything reconciled.  Nice to be able to leave it for a certain day and time. Plus I can just email it to my accountant. YEA!!!

I have other work too. I have several microsites and a regular site for a client. That work is done every day along with newsletters, press releases and that kind of stuff.

It’s routine. It seems boring sometimes. That’s the beauty of it!  Working within a solid framework allows me the space to think up new ideas, get clarity on the types of clients that are the best match for me, see the solution to a nagging problem.  If I were thinking outside the box all the time I couldn’t be sure if all the information was good or not and I wouldn’t make good decisions.

What are you doing to create a box or structure that holds you up while you choose great things?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment!

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