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Un Essaim de Puces

A very short post by Seth Godin. Better to work with fewer fleas than tourner en rond comme un poulet avec votre tĂȘte coupĂ©!


REALTORS Beware: H.R. 5028 Could Collapse the Housing Market

I love doom and gloom titles. This hasn’t happened yet and hopefully it won’t.

I agree with much of this article and yet I think there’s a possible better idea lurking in it. What if the proposal was changed to the right to rent for fair market value until the house is sold? It would have to be put up for sale immediately upon foreclosure.

This would provide several benefits: The bank would not be in the rental business. Realtors would still have the opportunity to show the house. The tenants would not be so likely to leave it an empty shell. There would be less burden on government for free or subsidized housing.

I like win-wins and this would be for every stakeholder.

The Social Train

Best take on it yet!

Corporate leaders demand that management follow them. Managers demand that employees follow them. Organizations think the consumer will follow them and their offerings. The game has changed and people are following people rather than brands and institutions. To lead the game or change it you have to hear what the market is saying. Listening to your own rhetoric is not listening to the market. The ROI from social media is called listening and learning to predict based on the conversations of the market.

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