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Crowdsourcing Isn’t Just For Social Media

It only takes a few to make a huge difference. Who’s in?

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Crowdsourcing isn’t just for social media.

In essence crowdsourcing means that customers help organizations decide what the next product or service or improvement should be.  It’s a way of including the people who matter most – the folks who actually generate revenue.

I’m wondering how we can do that in the juvenile justice system.  Instead of being alone together let’s just be together.  Let’s crowdsource what  we know and feel to be true about our kids in the system and create change.

I’m ready!  Join me?

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Crowdsourcing Is Not For Sissies!

Crowdsourcing is like venture capital.  You have to turn over control of the brilliant idea you have in order to make it successful.  Most entrepreneurs would rather poke their eye out with a stick.

Of course there are success stories: Wikipedia, Google Translate, Urban Dictionary.  Who wouldn’t want to have started those?

But take it down a notch.  Can you come up with a product or service you offer that could be made better by asking lots of people you don’t know?  Could you take the comments and criticisms?  What if you discovered that once a group helped design it they would all have to have it?

Maybe crowdsourcing is really the online version of the Pygmalian effect.

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