An Unexpected Legacy From MJ

Michael Jackson was an unbelievable talent.  Unmatched really.  Despite the reports of his personal life I have yet to meet someone who thought he was just an average entertainer.

So when I went to see “This Is It”, the documentary of rehearsals that MJ thought he was keeping for his personal library, I expected to see lots of dancing and singing.  I did. I expected to get some of the back stories. I did.  I expected to get some insight into Michael Jackson. I did.  I expected to learn he used a vocal coach.  Oh, wait a minute.  No, I didn’t.

That really stood out for me.  The King of Pop hired a voice coach?! It’s impossible the guy showed up at rehearsal one day and they just let him stay or he made a cold call and they said “Sure come on over”. Someone sought his expertise and if the rest of the movie is any indication it was MJ himself…and get thishe listened.

I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head. How many times did I resist someone else’s help?  How often did I think I would be a better mentor than mentee?  How did I think it was okay for sports or music or therapy but not for business?

Entrepreneurs are an independent lot. We worked hard to get where we are and usually with no help (okay we won’t take it most of the time).  What I’m wondering now is how much further ahead I would be if I’d been the unusual entrepreneur. You know, like Michael Jackson.


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