Google Ups The Ante With +1

I love the wild west feel of the web. I really do. And yet I am starting to feel like the gunslinger who has to look for trouble in every town. lol

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Marketing with Google|Google is getting Social!

Google is getting social baby! Have you seen the new Google +1? The new Google +1 Button is the answer to Facebook’s Like button. What does this mean for you? Marketing with Google means you need to get social! You have to become popular if you want to get free traffic with your SEO in your attempt at Google Marketing.

   Right now Google just has the +1 button, and if it becomes big (which it will), then you may risk another Google Slap if you are not on board which will directly affect your Google Marketing. Now if you are using a PPC method, go ahead and continue to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to reach your target market. We like to do things for FREE. We like to hang out on the left side of the Google page. So if you want to get Free traffic as well, then continue reading.

   The Google +1 Button currently just acts as a recommendation to your network of friends. It sort of acts like a big highlighter and says, “hey, I visited this site and I like it – you should forget about all of the other search results and check this site out as well.” This specific button has not yet impacted the rankings on search results, but I guarantee that it will! It would be in your best interest if you already do your Marketing with Google to hop on board now while it is still pretty much in pre-launch.

   This is the action you should take right now, create a Gmail account; set-up your Google Buzz account within your Gmail account; start to +1 all of your sites and sites that you feel would be beneficial as an association (this one maybe? lol). You also want to build your connections on Google Buzz so that others can view your +1′s. Google Buzz is similar to the social site, Twitter. It doesn’t seem as functional …yet. However, it would be a good idea to incorporate and use Google services as well so that you can soak up the benefits, especially if you want to Market using Google for Free.



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