I amp’d a post yesterday “Save The Customer”. There was a lot of good discussion about the 80/20 rule, kicking wasteful customers to the curb, setting boundaries.

This was brought home to me in a big way yesterday with a former client. Long story short (you’re welcome) this client asked me to call and then we set a day and time to meet. I gave my best advice and suggested what I could do with the small amount of money available in the budget. When I got home I discovered the real request. It did not occur to me the whole thing was simply an elaborate set up to acquiesce to the request. I sent a detailed proposal. Then yesterday other stuff started spilling out.

Here’s the thing: I would have done it anyway. It wasn’t a big request and I benefited. What flabbergasts me is the idea that people think I need to be bought off with a meal. That I sent a detailed proposal that was probably used negotiate a better deal for a contract with someone else. That my b http://bit.ly/mp7dyY


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