I started thinking about two-tiered systems after watching a little Morning Joe.

A two tiered Medicare system means instead of $1200/year cost with all expenses paid I would get $15000 to get private insurance. Of course if older people could get private insurance we would not need Medicare. Let’s just call it, oh say, a death panel.

Two tiered pay systems are not unusual now especially in unions. All for one and one for all…unless you ask me to take less to make sure my local brothers and sisters are equals.

There is a two tiered gold price. Really? Yes it was designed to keep international gold reserves at a fixed price while regular old run of the mill gold is sold at commodity prices.

The American Rental Car Association want a two tier system for dealing with recalls on vehicles. The government would designate which recalls were serious enough to pull cars off the road and the rest could be driven and fixed later. WTH?!

Two layers. One always stays on the bottom. http://bit.ly/kUqj5Q


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