Can We Stop the Social Media BullS#%t Already?

Hearing this more and more…

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It’s one of the reasons why so much of the chatter about social media by social media evangelists, consultants or thought-leaders is so, well, unsettling. For example, I saw this tweet from someone who’s a high-profile social media entrepreneur: “the most important thing a business can give it’s people on twitter is each other.”

While it is probably rooted in a good idea it’s just another example of the bubbly babbling that permeates the landscape. It is language that features words such as “engage”, “conversations”, “relationships” and “community” – words that are used over and over again like a New Age mantra.

To be honest, social media has evolved to the point where it’s no longer a novelty, although many people are still trying to get their heads around how or if it should be used. As a result, we need to move beyond the cheerleading/rah-rah stage about how wonderful social media can be and how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Social media can be a valuable tool for individuals and companies but maybe it’s time to treat it more seriously rather than continuing to focus on sizzle rather than the steak.




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