The Paradox of Hansel and Gretel

It’s amazing how many people ask you to follow their breadcrumbs.  Subscribe to my blog, watch my YouTube video, attend this year’s once in a lifetime seminar.

Some of them have a great deal to offer.  I have had aha moments from the least expected sources and I don’t mean getting reinforcement of my already formed ideas. Thought-provoking is one of my highest compliments because I am forced to reconsider opinions or methods and usually it’s all for the better.

(Unfortunately aha moments are few and far between.  That’s why we remember them so well.  Otherwise we would take them for granted and the world would be a much different place.)

Here’s the thing.  Dropping breadcrumbs means you intend to go back to where you started.  What’s the point in that?  If you are not committed to new information then don’t go through the motions of listening to the webinar or getting an RSS feed.

Following other people’s breadcrumbs takes you right in the direction they want…maybe for a long time.  That’s not necessarily bad. Remember Hansel and Gretel got in a couple good days of eating the witch’s house before they discovered it was no longer in their best interests.  The question is when you should stop following.

Drop breadcrumbs or follow breadcrumbs?  It’s a paradox.  Perhaps the moral of the story in the 21st century is to get off the path.


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