A Periodically Repeated Sequence Of Events

I have been thinking a lot about cycles.  I grew up in a farming area and my Dad farmed as a teenager.  There is a specific process to sowing and reaping and when I think of cycles I think of that.

If a farmer believed he could plant in the winter so it would be available for customers in early summer rather than early fall he’d be considered a nut.  If the same farmer believed planting in August would still result in a September harvest he’d be considered a nut.

The first example is what retailers do.  Halloween in July.  Christmas in September. Valentine’s Day right after New Year’s.  In some strange twisted way they believe that having holiday merchandise out when customers are walking through stores looking will create a “don’t miss out” mindset.  I honestly do not know anyone who likes it.

The second example is what grocers do.  Strawberries in October?  Roast turkey in April? Pumpkin pie all year round?  You bet.  Local seasonal eating is long gone.  It’s never as good as when we get it from the farmer’s market or piled up at a local store.

We’ve come to expect to get whatever we want whenever we want it.  Periodically has been taken out of the definition of cycle. The rhythm and flow of life has been interrupted and I think it’s taking a toll.

The comfort of cycles is part and parcel of who we are.  The seasons,animals and plants, birth and death.  Those things don’t change.

I wonder how much of this failure to wait, to know everything comes in its own time, is the bigger part of why we seem to be struggling to thrive.  How can we go back in time without simply going backwards?


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