Mental Rubbernecking

Have we become so inured to other people’s tragic stories that we actually watch Hoarders?

Reality shows aren’t high on my list.  I don’t need the extra negativity of parents who’ve lost control of their children, wealthy girls who have nothing to do and all day to do it or families who cannot seem to do an intervention without a television crew.

The first decade of the 21st century is gone. In the last 100 years we gained a great deal of gender parity, institutional racism was outlawed and the developmentally delayed are no longer hidden from view.

Why do we not guarantee the same kind of progress to the mentally ill?  Hoarders “About Us” page details different stories coming up this season and is very clear these people have a disease.  Of course they do – why else would they lose their homes, their marriages, their children instead of the trash?!

Every family is touched by mental health issues if not outright mental illness. We can’t help ourselves, our families and our friends if we simply respond to that with mental rubbernecking.


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