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REALTORS Beware: H.R. 5028 Could Collapse the Housing Market

I love doom and gloom titles. This hasn’t happened yet and hopefully it won’t.

I agree with much of this article and yet I think there’s a possible better idea lurking in it. What if the proposal was changed to the right to rent for fair market value until the house is sold? It would have to be put up for sale immediately upon foreclosure.

This would provide several benefits: The bank would not be in the rental business. Realtors would still have the opportunity to show the house. The tenants would not be so likely to leave it an empty shell. There would be less burden on government for free or subsidized housing.

I like win-wins and this would be for every stakeholder.


An Innovative Way To Protect Content and Images

This is a tremendous boon to writers and image producers (of any sort). A little pricey but worth it!

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Creative Barcode™ protects written proposals, visual ideas and design projects with unique digital barcodes that identify the professional creator.

Creative Barcode™ communicates concept ownership. Work may only be used and commercialised with the permission of the Creators.

As importantly Barcodes  protect innovators own generated concepts when negotiating license, royalty &  buy-in or buy-out deals with other partners and brand owners. 



What Would Happen If…

our jobs were fulfilling

the house was always clean

the bills were always paid

we weighed what we wanted

we really had everything we wanted

we bought clothes and shoes and jewelry we loved

we only watched and listened to the stuff that uplifted us

our friends did great things

we had compassion for those less fortunate and joy for those who thrived

we knew enough to know we have so much to learn

we appreciated how our own experiences led us to our political/religious/cultural philosophies

every day we said What Would Happen If

News Sites Study Social Media

A scientific approach is always needed. How they will figure out how to avoid cannibalization will be interesting.

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News organizations are getting more scientific about studying the value of the online readers they are hooking through social media services like Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc., as they seek new ways to exploit the channels without cannibalizing their businesses.

The efforts come as publications are reporting surging traffic from social media, as they rush to load up their sites with new tools that encourage readers to share their content among friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google and others.

Forty-two percent of social-networking users regularly or sometimes get their news through social-networking sites, according to a report released this week by the Pew Media Center. That is leaving some publishers with the sense that they are better off trying to reach users where they are congregating than trying to corral them on their site.



Ancient Medical Kit Held Veggie Pills

It’s amazing to think how much knowledge was available thousands of years ago and how long it took to get it back!

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Advanced DNA analysis of 2,000-year-old tablets has revealed that vegetable pills may have been part of an ancient travel medical kit, according to a new study.

“The cargo made it possible to trace the ship’s itinerary. We think that the Roman ship sank because of a mistral storm on its way back from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea after visiting the Syro-Palestinian area, Cyprus and Delos,” Ciabatti said.

But the most interesting part of the cargo was a sort of medical chest possibly belonging to a physician on board the ship.

Within the kit, the archaeologists found a bleeding cup, a surgery hook and a mortar. They also recovered 136 drug vials made of boxwood and several tin containers carrying circular, flat green tablets — each about three centimeters wide and half a centimeter thick. Because they were sealed, the pills were completely dry even though they had been laying on the sea floor for millennia.

Touwaide stressed that for now that’s only hypothesis and has yet to be confirmed. But he added, “Preliminary analysis of these tablets seems to confirm that the ancient doctors used common plants for their treatments.”