Weapons Of Self-Destruction

Imagine what the world would be like if every brilliant idea had been given proper care and feeding.  If when it grew too large to contain it was sent off into the world so others could benefit.  If it spawned other brilliant ideas once it found the right partners.


It’s a little depressing to think of all the problems in the world and how we might have already found the answers if it weren’t for weapons of self-destruction.

We do it to ourselves and it ends up hurting us collectively.  Here are a few I see every day.

Mistaking work for production or sales.

Refusing to look for inspiration outside our own industries.

Keeping the same relationships whether it’s friends, colleagues or a networking group.

Failing to be direct.

Fear of expanding services or offerings because someone else already does it.

Unwillingness to say no when necessary.

What weapons of self-destruction do you see?  How can we help ourselves and others stop using them?


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