Don’t Give Up The Niche!

I went to a multiclass reunion over the weekend.

It all started on Facebook as “The Liberty Center Experience”.  Liberty Center is a small town and in the last forty years has graduated in total fewer people than some large schools have in two grades.

It was great! We did the same things we did in high school: Ate, gossiped, laughed like mad.

We spent some time discussing why only half the people who signed up showed up.  There were a variety of reasons brought up and I wasn’t sure. Shoot – most of the organizations I know have the same problem.

Here’s the thing.  I think we spend too much time worrying about why we can’t get more people to want to be there.

We’re a niche.  We’re not worth less because there weren’t more of us. Do I wish others had come? Absolutely.  But renewing old friendships and even talking to someone I had never spoken to before was so enjoyable I don’t want it spoiled by focusing on the quantity.

Like every other niche quality is the only thing that matters.


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