Everybody Talks About Apathy But Nobody Does Anything About It

Victoria Kamm SEO Social Media Specialist Primary elections were held yesterday here in Toledo, Ohio.  Depending on what you’re reading the turnout was either 12% or 17%.  What the hell?

Can’t blame the weather. It was beautiful.

Can’t blame the long list of issues.  There were only a handful.

Can’t blame the candidates.  They were active in trying to get votes.

Can’t blame access. We even have early voting now so if Tuesday doesn’t work and you forgot to vote absentee you still have opportunities.

Apathy is to blame I hear.  Of course it is.  It’s a wonderful way of explaining our failure to take responsibility for ourselves and how we fit into the bigger picture of where our local, state and federal governments are going.  “It’s not my fault” says the bumper sticker “I didn’t vote for xyz!  No you probably didn’t vote at all.

We have to stop accepting this excuse.  It should be shameful not to vote instead of a badge of honor for the weary/jaded/cynical/fill in the blank.

There are times when I have not voted in a primary and I believe once a general election.  Stuff happens.  This rant is not for those who occasionally miss elections.

I believe free speech is the most important of all our rights.  But I am getting awfully tired of listening to people who can’t be bothered to use the most potent tactic of that right: Voting.


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