The Danger Of Hoarding Old Ideas

The problem with refusing to let go of old ideas is they seem to gain value.  Not to anyone else of course…just to ourselves.

That’s why we dig our heels in sometimes. It’s  annoying to the other people in our lives.  It becomes painful and causes real problems when it goes too far.

Your mom says she won’t pay more than $1.99 for a gallon of milk?  Uncle Al has a fit because it’s not a “real” Thanksgiving unless you serve the horrible sage dressing nobody likes (including Uncle Al).  The small grocery story down the street won’t carry dark chocolate M&Ms because only a couple people asked for them – heaven forbid they ask their customers.

Okay. Not deal breakers.  Generally no more than an eye roll and figuring out a way to get around it.

In this crazy, chaotic, get it done right now world there’s hardly time for presenting new ideas before they are replaced.  So what happens when businesses are old idea hoarders?  They fail.

What ideas are you holding on to?  Have you asked your partners, your employees, your customers?  What could you let go of  this very minute?

I’ve put that question on my list of three most important things to consider today.  As Seth Godin said on his blog today (paraphrased)  “Are you writing fortunes for cookies that don’t exist anymore?”


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