Are You In Their Twenty Percent?

Very insight post today on Amber Naslund’s blog.  She has a list of Social Media “topics that must die”.  One of them concerned the value of high numbers of followers and friends.

Earlier today on the way into work I was listening to a Success Magazine CD featuring an excerpt from Jim Rohn.  The topic was the Pareto Rule better known as the 80/20 rule.

It’s not often that two separate lines of thought mesh together so perfectly on the same day.

Eighty percent of everything is noise.  Why do we focus on that rather than the twenty percent that actually makes a difference?

Maybe because there’s so much of it and it’s constant. Who would have ever believed that people dream of being completely unplugged one day a week?!  There’s so much information and conversation available to us we’ve become afraid of missing any.

A sad state of affairs.

Oh.  A sudden thought came into my head.  Maybe it’s not the 80% we wouldn’t miss that frightens us.  Maybe it’s not knowing how many people have us in their 80%.


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