Good Information Is NOT Ubiquitous!

I am really tired of the misinformation that alleged experts are spreading to small business owners. I know, I know – in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.  Is it too much too ask that the one eye actually has 20/20 vision?

Small business owners are feeling more and more fragile.  They don’t have slack adjusters (other people or income that keeps them on more solid financial footing) so they can focus on their businesses.  Many don’t have a marketing strategy other than putting their products or services out there – they don’t have time.

Now we (I definitely include myself) are telling them to get involved with social media and other internet marketing tactics they don’t know about or understand.  It sounds like it involves gobs of time which they don’t have or they are going to have to pay someone a lot of money which also involves something they don’t have.

The information so many of these small business owners are getting is half right, outdated or completely untrue.  How do they find out who they can trust?  Really good question.  Because information for these people is not ubiquitous – at least not good information.


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