There’s Never Enough Time

There’s an ongoing discussion about what an internet year actually means.  Lately I’ve seen it as three months.  That seems hard to believe. Are we really increasing new information or just data?

Eric Reiss has a fascinating blog post using mathematics to determine the number. He uses the automobile industry as a baseline for comparison.  His ratio is 4.7 : 1 or a little over 2.5 months.  Wow.  Considering the average business cycle is somewhere between three and a half to seven calendar years where is your business?  Is it emerging, expanding or maturing?  A one year old online business can be considered half way through its life cycle and a two year old business might be at the end of its predicted life cycle.

Do I think all two year old businesses have outlived their usefulness?  No.  Unless they have failed to change their content, taken down the Flash movie, updated (or – God help me –  include some) titles and descriptions, etc.  There is no such thing as standing still. You’re either moving forward or falling behind.

And if Mr. Reiss is correct it’s happening at a hell of a rate!


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