Butterfly Vs. Mosquito Marketing

Last Friday I started to read an intriguing blog post called Beating The Curse Of The Mosquito.  It described how some companies market like butterflies flitting from one idea to another.  Others use the mosquito approach…that’s where I stopped.

Speaking at a lunch later that day I used that analogy to explain the difficulty in butterfly focus vs. that of a mosquito.  While a butterfly can go in and out of your vision you always know exactly where the mosquito lands.  Without even looking you can locate it.  I suggested that small business owners should use the mosquito type of focus in determining their niche and then keep hitting it.

Focusing – completely – on one thing creates an impact.  We’ve come back around to being successful by whittling down the scope of our offerings rather than trying to be the “one fits all” expert.  Niches should be narrow and as deep as possible.  The corollary to that is the importance of having a network of other narrow and very deep experts.  If you can’t provide a piece of the customer puzzle you better darned sure know someone who can!  I can offer a million different ways to drive traffic to your site for example but if it takes sixty seconds to view it or the shopping cart is junk it just doesn’t much matter.

While searching for the original post for attribution I discovered I had mistakenly missed out on a big chunk of it.  It’s not the same analogy at all.  Ian Traynor is concerned about the constantly slapping of different mosquitoes.  So while I love what I took away from it I will be considering the implications.

Butterflies vs. mosquitoes.  Who knew?


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