Who’s In Your Vortex?

A vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid (including air).  The speed and rate of rotation are greatest in the center and it decreases at it moves outward.  Was that true for a person or a business?  And if it was how would I move forward in the next year?

I decided to map one out for myself.  I put myself in the middle of an imaginary vortex and then drew lines for different groups that had contributed to my income this year.  I ended up with ten including my mastermind group, family, former clients and so on.  Each group received a + or a – depending on how each group overall had contributed to my success. A couple were neutral.

I had to decide if I wanted to be rotating at a higher rate of speed or did I want to slow down.  Oh yeah, definitely faster.  That was the only decision I was able to make right away.

Were there more positives than negatives? Yes.  Assuming negatives slowed down the vortex did I expend any energy trying to move them up to at least neutral or did I just let them go?  What could I learn from the attributes of the negatives that would help me avoid them next time?  Should I be “burned once, twice shy” about a particular group?

By the same token what was the sequence of events that led to positives?  What would it take for that group to become neutral or negative?

Finally, I am really interested in knowing whether I hold the same negative or positive position with these groups.   What would those conversations sound like and do I have as much courage as interest to find out?  I hope I do because if the vortex gets stronger I will be spinning to my heart’s content!

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