The Top Ten Reasons Santa Is A True Role Model

It’s all over the newsSanta is overweight.  Wow! Who knew? (He also smokes a pipe which I had totally disregarded because, well, he always has.)

Obesity is one of the last acceptable bastions of prejudice.  Of course it’s a health issue and shouldn’t we only have good role models for our kids? Absolutely!  After all if Santa hadn’t developed and delivered all the video games, TVs and DVRs that litter most rooms in our houses our kids wouldn’t be in danger of obesity themselves. And the cookies, candy and occasional spiked coffee waiting at every stop?  Outrageous!  Any child can tell you that Santa cleans up! Of course it’s only once a year and most obese kids eat that stuff (except spiked anything let’s hope) every single day.

But I digress.

I believe Santa is a wonderful role model…if we can get past his appearance.  Here’s why I would like to see kids – and plenty of adults – follow his lead. Please consider that Santa

  • works all year.
  • understands a deadline and doesn’t stop until every single item is delivered even if it takes all night.
  • manages a large diverse workforce that is extremely loyal even though they are stuck in snow and ice year round.
  • doesn’t hire a PR agency or handler when misrepresented in the media.
  • isn’t afraid to use old technology like, oh say a sleigh and reindeer, if that’s the best solution.
  • listens very closely to his customers.
  • doesn’t promise more than he can deliver.
  • treats all requests with the same amount of respect and dignity.
  • has a stable home life and is scandal-free.
  • is a marketing genius (who can’t come up with at least one “magical” Christmas memory?).

I don’t care about Santa’s appearance or fret that our kids would be better off if he were 30 lbs. thinner.  Taking commitments seriously and not stopping until they’re fulfilled – now that’s something I could get excited about!

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