Time Is On My Side

Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics (1927).
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I think about time a lot mostly from the quantum physics view.  Is what I’m doing in the present also happening in the past and the future?  I think so although it’s hard to wrap my head around it.  How do I apply that concept to make my life better as opposed to simply considering it a grand idea?

It’s easy to become oppressed by time.  If you have a regular job then you probably have set times to arrive, eat, go to the restroom and leave.  (Unions have take this to the nth degree and this explains why their members are often derided as clock watchers. But I digress.) It does keep order and if there is a production line it makes sense to be as efficient as possible.

Here’s the thing.  How many of us are still on a production line?  How many of us run a production line? Unless I’ve missed a major news story in the last few days most of us are in the information or services business and most of us are entrepreneurs or small business owners.  We are not bound by the old way of operating.

Am I saying we should throw out all the clocks and simply do what we feel like when we feel like it? Most people call that a vacation.  But I wonder what my day might look like if I did.

I would only do the things I really wanted to do.  For example am I committed to my weekly networking group?  When would I blog or Twitter?  Would I spend hours on Facebook?  How would I schedule meetings with customers?  What tasks would I do simply because I thought they were fun?  Would I seek new business?  Could I generate enough enthusiasm to make sure I had enough income to pay the rent and cable bill?

Most importantly what are the things that are so valuable to me that I don’t feel oppressed by artificial time constructs?

Of course I have a system that reminds me when I get to meet with someone or I have committed to the end of a project.  I don’t mind – time is not my enemy because I take pleasure in what I do and what I have to offer.  But a rigid schedule?  Nope.  That’s for people who aren’t passionate about what they do.

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