When Did We Decide Not To Work In December?

I plan every day starting with the three most important tasks that simply must get finished before the end of the day (you’re looking at one right now) that contributes to my business development.  Then I write down the big giant to do list every business owner has and slog through as much of that as possible.  I reset the counter and start over the next day. It’s a technique I learned from Mark LeBlanc and it works pretty well.  My business has been getting better and the contracts larger.

Then I hit the wall.

Who decided that December was not a work today month? It’s the “get ready for 2010” month.  Yes, instead of focusing on what could be accomplished on December 3 or 17 or 29 I know a lot of businesses that are so excited about the prospects of the New Year they won’t spend 10 seconds on this month. Besides, they tell me “Oh no business gets done during the holidays”.  Sigh.  I know it’s always more fun to start something than finish it but a year?!

Funny though…my rent is still due.  Cable still needs to be paid.  My family and that of my business partner’s would love to have a little pile of gifts under the tree.  So I’ll be working all twenty-one days.  Need to get something done? Call me!

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