The Ten Commandments of SEO

I wrote ten commandments of SEO. It wasn’t too hard although I had to make sure I was covering all the bases and had them in the right order.  Is content more important than inbound links?  Should domain names come before or after website architecture?

All of a sudden I understood why we have so many laws to support the original Ten Commandments. The world has become too complicated and we have so many more opportunities to interpret (or reinterpret) what something so simple really means.

(Of course if you ask me the real world is far less complicated than the online world I live in at least ten hours most days.  Hundreds of millions of websites, thirteen hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube alone, the thoughts on 250 million blogs and so on. In addition many PR agencies think it’s easy to transfer their skills to become social media experts, some snail mail gurus think it’s a cinch to work with email marketing and paid search and Lord knows just about anyone who uses a keyword tool can market themselves as SEO practitioners. Sigh. But I digress.)

There are ten rules to follow. You have to learn those first. Period. If you don’t then you can’t understand the nuances of more advanced techniques. There’s a very big difference between uploading images and uploading optimized images for example.  You may yearn to have the biggest Twitter following in the world but if you don’t know how Google has decided to search them you won’t get all the benefits available. How will YouTube videos help you if you don’t tag them correctly?

I would like to hear your ten rules or steps or commandments. Who knows? I may decide to revisit that very tall mountain.

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