The Invisible Space

I spent a lot of my adult life in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.  I loved it.  I have a few clients in the HVACR field and I enjoy keeping a finger on the pulse of that industry.

There are a lot of parallels between my former work and life.  When weather is perfect, say 75 degrees and 50% humidity, people are in the “comfort zone” which means there is no work because neither heating nor cooling is required.  In regular life? You can’t be comfortable and motivated to change at the same time.  There’s very little progress without pain.

Another is the principle behind this blog title.  One degree can make all the difference.  Water is a very cold liquid at 33 degrees.  But when it reaches 32 degrees it’s frozen.   Everyone knows water is a very hot liquid at 211 degrees but a burn is much more severe at 212 degrees when it boils.  (By the way it’s not the steam that’s hottest.  It’s the invisible space right above the boiling water.  The steam means the water vapor is cooling down.)

But what does it take to get to that extra degree, that change of state?  It takes a whole lot of energy.  It seems illogical but heat is released when water becomes frozen.  Ever notice it feels warmer when it is snowing at 32 degrees than raining at the same temperature?  The heat released from boiling water is equivalent to 973 matches burning per minute.

So we’re going to talk about how to get to that invisible space.  How to expend that blast of energy so it makes a difference.  I can’t wait!

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